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LGBTQ cultural district proposed for the Castro greenlit at first public hearing

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City Deploys Barricades To Deter Castro Homeless Encampments

Refine by Category, Price or Brand. Category Furniture 2 Lounge Lounge Suites. Brand Castro. Add to Cart. And then you get to go home of course, right? And we deal with all of the waste products and the use of the natural resources that allow you to have this wonderful time in Orlando that both tend to experience. One thing I will say is that Orlando is culture around collaboration and partnerships is unparalleled.

It has the same level of partnership interest and kind of that being a critical solution for us. We have strong partnerships with academia. And then of course in the industry, private sector, the business chambers, the nonprofits and civil society groups. And I think that that, that is something that definitely sets us apart.

Freezer critical. We have several public private partnerships, some in the works and some that are established that have allowed us to essentially add to that our culture of sustainability. That all happened because of a public private partnership between developers, city and academic institutions. Really seeing the benefit of bringing that type of development to a downtown. So, so I think that that really, you know, those are a couple of things that, that provide some new challenges but also opportunities with Orlando being one of the fastest growing cities in North America, period.

The green program, emerging talent with companies and organizations that are committed to advancing the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals. Check out the experiences and learn how to hire TGP alumni at thegreenprogram. You know, they, they narrow it down to some, some key areas and there are similar ones between Philadelphia and Orlando.

Just labeling it a little different, you know the terminology. And you know, one of the main ones is energy and green buildings. You know, cities are trying to figure out how do we lessen the impact of our buildings. So you know, I do know that Orlando, like, like Philadelphia is a part of the city energy project.

Castro Valley, California

Seventy two percent. Our greenhouse gas emissions are associated with buildings are wild horse hotel and hospitality and entertainment are big parts of that, but commercial, industrial, multifamily and single family residential markets.

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So back in In fact, one of the reasons why I hired by the city of Orlando was to administer the city energy project. The largest contributors. So when I. That there are cities across this country who have implemented, including Philadelphia, who have implemented some incredible best practice strategies to really accelerate that energy efficiency and we gleaned from these cities. I literally had meetings with over 30 different municipalities from San Francisco to New York, to Philly, to Boston, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, you name it, up and down, all coast to coast, and the whole goal in the beginning of this was to figure out what are those strategies that you are seeing move the needle the most and where are the areas that are you seeing now essentially a gap for you to fill, and I came back and identified about 12 policies and programs that we felt were unique to Orlando and had the greatest opportunity for impact and those included things like first and foremost, focusing on the municipal energy efficiency efforts.

This is incredibly unique to Orlando. That bond essentially has been focused on investing in existing buildings. People can improve their energy efficiency dramatically. We and we put all of our portfolio about buildings that the city owns and operates into the energy star portfolio manager tool. With that tool, it helped us identify the buildings that had the highest energy use intensity and we chose the bottom 10 percent. Right, so we met is going after an Esco to front the money and fear the savings over much longer term than the return on investment.

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We have now a retrofitted those 55 buildings with high efficiency leds, both interior and exterior. The city has saved nearly 20 percent just by targeting these low at these high energy users, write these low performers and making those investments.

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That was a huge step forward. The fact that the city was able to get bond capital is a unique compared to the private sector, right? They have to get alone and so we decided to enable the pace financing mechanism. The property assessed clean energy financing, and this was. Has a number of models in Orlando. These in addition to many other things including workforce development, creating new degrees that are college and university and kind of other training opportunities have built this ecosystem that is in the process of transforming the market as we know it in Orlando and really being driven off of being more fit.

So instead of the energy project has been incredible. And working with Christina and her team.

The importance of partnership. You know, you need to learn, you need to share out. But Christine touched on this too because it has been a big issue and a part of her clear strategy is being a leader in this. So they understand. But are there any other things you can touch on in terms of public engagement?

The amount of community groups and neighborhood associations and nonprofits who are prioritizing sustainability and working together to advance it in Orlando is the only reason why we are accelerating at the pace that we are nationally for this movement. So in the in the development of our plans to the individual development of our policies. We have a strong culture of engaging the community to shape that, to provide feedback and input about how the city should move forward and that way when it does come forward to council, we have people who are coming out in droves who are supporting and providing positive reinforcement to those types of policies.

In fact, tonight, every first Wednesday of the month, they host a community think tank around the sustainable development goals. Hundreds of people come out to basically provide their input and their feedback about what types of grassroots solutions we can develop and implement and those get bubbled up and get shared with the city and then we consider whether or not we can actually move forward with it and work with them along that way.

All of them will be powered by renewables as well. Cause there was so much positive reinforcement, there was hundreds of letters that came to the city to say this is important for our community and for public health. And it went and it was implemented. I mean that also plays a huge role, so it helps.

Castro City Castro City
Castro City Castro City
Castro City Castro City
Castro City Castro City
Castro City Castro City

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