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Ans- No, a train can not move anywhere. It has to move on the rail. Identify these means of transport and write their names:.

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Match these vehicles with their names:. Make a toy train using empty matchboxes. Post a Comment.

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Read more. July 16, Chapter- 8 Flying High Choose the correct answer: 1. We see birds a. On trees b. In water c. On the ground d. How do birds give birth by? Directly birth of babies c. Both d. None of these 3. Which of these birds stitches leaves together to make nest? Parrot b. Tailor bird c.

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Humming bird 4. Which of these bird makes hanging nest by tying dry grass and sticks into knot? Eagle b. Woodpecker c. Dancing Shoes. Noel Streatfeild. Theater Shoes. Gary Blackwood. Minecraft: Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress.

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From Here to There From Here to There
From Here to There From Here to There
From Here to There From Here to There
From Here to There From Here to There
From Here to There From Here to There
From Here to There From Here to There
From Here to There From Here to There

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