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His oratory and early exposure to working-class attitudes made him a powerful Labor figure in Western Australia.

He revelled in the cut and thrust of parliamentary debates, and was masterful with interjections. At the same time he lacked the rigid, doctrinaire approach of other, less successful, Labor leaders. Many on the non-Labor side of politics admired him, pointing to his fair play and sense of humour.

As premier, treasurer, minister for child welfare and minister for industrial development, Hawke was to the forefront of significant social reform. In his government moved to give Western Australian Aborigines citizenship rights; the bill passed the Lower House with considerable bipartisan support, but foundered in the Upper House. The government also presided over a public housing boom aimed at reducing wartime waiting lists and building-material restrictions.

Maya Hawke

However, Hawke was seen to nurse strong suspicions, even animosity, towards business interests. While many saw him as moderate, others saw in him a deeply committed socialist. When under attack for failing to deal with communists in Western Australian unions, he branded as menaces to society both unscrupulous businessmen and communists. In August he announced plans for anti-profiteering legislation, a move denounced by business. Critics in the eastern States and overseas also strongly condemned it, claiming that the proposals would scare off much needed overseas investment.

After protracted debate, and considerable amendment, the bill was passed with Country Party support.

D12: “My Band” [ft. Cameo]

It was to be a hollow victory since the legislation dogged Hawke in the years ahead. Journal of Physics: Conference Series , 66 , [10pp]. Excision without excision.

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Physical Review D , 76 , R. Non-axisymmetric instability and fragmentation of general relativistic quasi-toroidal stars.

Physical Review D , 76 2 , On the gravitational radiation from the collapse of neutron stars to rotating black holes. Classical and Quantum Gravity. Rotating collapse of stellar iron cores in general relativity. Classical and Quantum Gravity , 24 12 , SS Formation of supermassive black holes through fragmentation of torodial supermassive stars. Physical Review Letters , 96 16 , [4pp]. W-modes in rotating relativistic stars. AIP Conference Proceedings , , Thornburg, J. Dynamical evolution of quasi-circular binary black hole data. Physical Review D , 72 4 , [14pp]. Excision methods for high resolution shock capturing schemes applied to general relativistic hydrodynamics.

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  • Late PM Bob Hawke's daughter Sue Pieters-Hawke declares she is 'grateful' for $750,000 inheritance.

Three-dimensional relativistic simulations of rotating neutron star collapse to a Kerr black hole. Physical Review D , 71 2 , [30pp]. Evolutions in 3D numerical relativity using fixed mesh refinement. Classical and Quantum Gravity , 21 6 , Dynamics of primordial black hole formation. Classical and Quantum Gravity , 19 14 , Luckily for her, the Duffer brothers slowly molded her character, Robin, into a version closer and closer to Hawke herself as the shoot went on.

Bored with her mundane day job, she just wants a little excitement in her life…and gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a dark secret in Hawkins. Just psychologically.

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