Il romanzo di Alessandro (Oscar junior) (Italian Edition)

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The last project to complete the already vast volume of titles and series, namely that of a more affordable series, takes shape in with the creation of Oscar , enabling the implementation of all affordable publishing initiatives by Mondadori. But the key innovation of the Oscar series is the selection of sales channel — the newsstand — never before used for books and much more widespread, in terms of number of sales points in the country, compared to bookstores. The many facets of Mondadori continue over the years with the creation of Meridiani , in the upper range, with quality titles but aimed at a wider public.

Quality leisure and entertainment become the winning combination of the publishing house, even in non-fiction. The arrival of Leonardo Mondadori in the s marks the introduction into the catalogue of high-calibre foreign authors, starting with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, acquired in — year in which the author wins the Nobel Prize for literature.

Leo is infatuated with colors and hates white as it is the color of silence. White Leo is your average high school student. White is nothing and Leo does not want to be white. Leo has a passion for red. Red is love.

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Red is what is tangible. Beatrice is red and Leo will do anything he can to make Beatrice see him, but when Beatrice gets sick will it be too late for Leo to tell Beatrice how he feels?

Leo is not always an easy character to like in the beginning. Sure, he is a good person, but I felt he was lost in his own little world when it came to Beatrice.

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Everything was about his love for Beatrice and in turn he never actually saw what was right in front of his eyes. His good friend Sylvia. My feelings for Leo changed pretty quickly, though once Leo met The Dreamer, a substitute teacher who comes in to teach a Philosophy class. Leo finally starts to shine and become a likable protagonist for me. Leo finally learns what it means to dream and to have a passion for something.

Leo puts his whole heart and soul into his dream and this is when he finally comes into his own and grows from his experience. It was amazing to watch him flourish and become an honorable and thoughtful teenager willing to help others, especially Beatrice. I could see how Leo wanted to make a difference and in doing so, he learned a lot about himself in the process.

White as Silence, Red as Song has been compared to books such as A Fault in our Stars and while I can see a lot of similarities, I can also see this story being compared to A Walk to Remember especially with the beautiful passages and the deeper meaning behind certain things.

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It really is a highly emotional book, but not only is it emotional, it also makes you think about your own dreams. It really makes you think about what you want out of life. For myself, I did stop to think about my dreams and how I have pushed them to the side and this story makes me realize that without dreams what is your purpose in life? White as Silence, Red as Song is a beautifully moving and emotional coming of age story full of life lessons that we should all listen to. It is a story that will encourage you to think and to dream..

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes an in depth story on par with the two books mentioned above.

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This story has found a place in my heart and renewed my faith in my own dreams I had previously pushed to the side. Shelves: young-adult , own-on-paper , fave-ya , , the-cutest-thing-ever , first-time-i-read-this-author. I was born on the first day of school; I grew up and grew old only for two thousand days. I probably should not write this review, since I closed the last page, just a few moments ago but I guess its stronger then me. I admit that the first thing that drew me to this book was the front cover —not just the fact that the girl is totally gorgeous; but the sadnes I was born on the first day of school; I grew up and grew old only for two thousand days.

In White as milk, Red as blood we meet Leo, knocking on the front door of adulthood, he is in love with his motorbike without breaks, with his guitar, with football. But most of all he is in love with Beatrice — with her green eyes and red hair, she is the one that saves him from the white. She is his dream, his future, his everything.

They are meant to be. It seems that nothing can come in the way of his romance, but then reality comes crashing in. Beatrice is sick, so Leo has to prove his love, in the small period of time that fate gives him, he has to grow up, grieve, reborn from the ashes and realize that dreams never die. White as milk, Red as blood is a brilliant book. I loved the plot, the characters. I loved the way one teacher managed to make him see through the problems and cheered for him to chase his dream.

I loved the way this book educates you on so many different levels and leaves you still wanting for more. Most of all I loved the way this book is like a giant palette of colors and all of them symbolize something important for Leo. For those who already read it I hope you enjoyed it as much I did. Five stars for this amazing debut novel.

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This book sold about a million copies in Italy and was also made into a movie. It's hailed as an International entree into the 'Dying Teen' subgenre.

But it's really not. This is a coming of age novel. Is there a dying teen? But it's not really about her or about their romance. It's about a teen named Leo who finally grows up. Part of the difficulty for me may be cultural. I love Italy and Italian lit. However, when I read a YA book, I expect some authentici This book sold about a million copies in Italy and was also made into a movie.

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However, when I read a YA book, I expect some authenticity. And while Leo felt like a self-centered teen boy, he never spoke authentically. None of our teen characters did. Instead, they spoke as if they were tenured professors of philosophy and poetry.

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Every sentence a metaphor on life and love and very existence. I ached for one of them - just one - to actually sound like a teenager. The book has some sadness, but it's tempered by the fact that we never really get to know our sick girl. Though we finally meet her, she speaks like Mother Theresa or some other suffering Saint and never feels like a real girl. She's dying and while it's nice that she can philosophize about colors and life and meaning, she's a teen.

What about sex and love or even her first kiss? What about all the things she'll never get to experience?

Il romanzo di Alessandro (Oscar junior) (Italian Edition)
Il romanzo di Alessandro (Oscar junior) (Italian Edition)
Il romanzo di Alessandro (Oscar junior) (Italian Edition)
Il romanzo di Alessandro (Oscar junior) (Italian Edition)
Il romanzo di Alessandro (Oscar junior) (Italian Edition)
Il romanzo di Alessandro (Oscar junior) (Italian Edition)
Il romanzo di Alessandro (Oscar junior) (Italian Edition)

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