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The poems that make up Love Undefined are those of a lover — of the juice and joy of words, of metaphor and simile, alliteration, personification, neologisms. In dazzling lines, JKatz will riff in elaborative and surprising tropes that awaken the ordinary, while in a more deliberate lyricism he writes of eros in the most nuanced of love poems.

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Love Undefined out now. Jonathan Katz, Ph.

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He consults extensively on strategic planning and leadership development, serves on the board of American Poetry Review , and lives in beautiful Takoma Park, MD, with his muse, Terri Moreland. Email Address.

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Related Products. I am here simply to share my love with you and the millions of people around the world. Love has been defined in so many ways by great minds in different forms, nevertheless; it still stands undefined to many people.

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A look at social networking sites especially Facebook, proves this point in a way. Let's look at this, how do you feel when your post is liked, when you see a complimentary comment, or see your updates being shared? It boost your morale right? The feeling associated with it is wonderful.

Look at the days you have posts with neither 'likes nor 'comments'.

See a Problem?

You know that feeling right?. Although one needs not depend on such things because they have their own effects, some people still place so much value on them.

This only goes to buttress my point earlier that, people crave for love in different ways. Interestingly enough, Facebook has no 'Dislike' button. I wonder how that would have been and how negatively it will impact on others.

One basic truth about life is this, everyone wants to be loved and feel loved. That's the beauty of life. For love makes everything beautiful.

Dogs show us the simplicity behind the complex phenomenon known as love.

Love is a language that is understood by all, unspoken, yet cuts so deep. It arms embrace all and her warmth felt by every soul; both young and old, rich and poor.

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It is the common noun that is seen daily; it's the verb that keeps acting and the adjective that describes without words. That is love. Every single day the hearts of many bleed to death not because of a pierced sword but unmet need of love.

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