Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW

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Lightship Lens is an interme- code, which can be ported between Windows for Pen Computing and PenPoint with- out modification. Slate, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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TimeServer provides the capability to access data based upon particular time frames and can be used to create dai- ly, weekly, or monthly reports and analysis. By Ed Scannell Inexperienced Windows users who want an easy-to-use con- tact management application have been targeted by Contact Software International Inc.

The last release for DOS was Release 6. SAS can be reached at Pilot says it will ship the products in the first half of next year. Pilot, based in Boston, can be reached at Each contact record that a user generates has its own unique history record and notepad attached to it. This provides users with as much or as little information as they need to know about an individ- ual or organization. The program works with dBase-compatible file struc- tures for all contact note and history data. It is also pro- grammed to automatically accept information from the vendor's Act series of Windows and DOS products.

Contact Software is located in Carrollton, Texas, and can be reached at You readers will have to get your names put a little higher on your companies' InfoWorld routing slips. Frasz sent an addition to her proposal a few days later: This icon is used to close or move an individual doc- ument or window within Program Manager, File Manager, and most word processors. Fogler would replace the hyphen with a paperclip.

Clicking it once would pull down a menu that in the future could include helpful options. For example, now that the Windows 3. One more click would start the application or group you wished to use. The System Menu could totally replace the Task List. A second col- umn in the System Menu could show you a list of all running applications, available with a single click.

Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW

My wife, Margie, a computer art direc- tor and writer, created the icons shown in the illustration below. My thanks to everyone who sent sug- gestions. Julie Schneider and Clay Fogler receive free copies of the new book cowritten by Margie and me: This all-new compila- tion, with four diskettes of the best Windows freeware and shareware pro- grams, will be available in December from IDG Books [ ], Brian Livingston is the author of Windows 3. Last week, I an- nounced the run- ners-up in my In- describable Doo- hickies Contest. Schneider suggests a door as the pic- ture for this icon.

This is very symbolic, because the System Menu accesses the Task List to switch to other running ap- plications. In some programs, the Sys- tem Menu includes a Run item, which lets you type a command to start anoth- er application. ML shown with optional bottom-feed push tractor and stand. We design it to work wonders. You ex- pect it to be a machine you can turn on and walk away from. And now you can expect it to think for itself. Introducing the Okidata ML - the first dot-matrix printer in its class that automati- cally senses changes in paper thickness, and self-adjusts the printhead gap.

Paper jamming is virtually eliminated. Individual pin striking forces are also continually adjusted for smear-free printing - even on envelopes. Plus, InfoWorldgave Ami Pro the highest score ever 8. Even a tenth of a point means a big difference in these evaluations. Ready to discover why the evaluators rated Ami Pro 1?

Making the teachings of Pathwork available in the region

Just call for your free Working Model at , ext Education priced Lotus products not included. Not to be combined with any other offer. Please haw your credit card and current word processor ready when you call. Reprints of report available upon request. Come see us at: It is an amazing bargain. We rate the value as excellent. Call now fora free demo-disk and brochure! Enter now and win valuable prizes in the monthly contests from Sept. Each monthly winner qualifies as a finalist in the Annual Design Contest in May ' The sharpest cut, both in price and percentage, went to the NC color with 4 megabytes of RAM and a megabyte hard disk.

Pathwork Meditation - quote from lecture 197

The company's biggest cut reduced its Micro Channel model by 39 percent. Apple will use mapping technology from GeoSystems as the basis for a suite of Newton travel applications. Apple will be responsible for distributing the software. By Cate Corcoran Voice recognition is gaining credibility as large companies jump into the market. Cheaper digital signal proces- sors and better software, ana- lysts said. The systems are being used to reduce repetitive strain injury, to quickly perform com- binations of keyboard com- mands, and to bypass layers of menus, according to Dragon DEC debuts By Jayne Wilson Ending months of anticipation.

Al- though Palmer said the chips will be available from several vendors, at present there is no licensed second source. The Alpha Architecture for Extended Performance AXP systems include desktop and deskside workstations, depart- mental and data center systems, and a mainframe. By Tom Quinlan Hardware manufacturers were quick to jump on the Video for Windows bandwagon last week, announcing a number of video capture boards for use with Microsoft Corp.

The software is speaker inde- pendent and has an active vocabulary of 50 to words, depending on board memory. The is suited for software devel- opment.

Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW

The offers three-dimensional graph- ics. It has an ac- tive vocabulary of 32 words and supports 15 applications.

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It requires Windows 3. Articulate Systems has voice- command software for the Mac called Voice Navigator. It has been shipping for two years and them for this, and this is how DEC has positioned them. Apple has demonstrated a continuous voice-recognition system called Casper but has not yet announced a ship date. The company already offers a 7. It can be used for voice command or dictation at 25 to 40 words per minute. SuperMac, located in Sunny- vale, Calif. C-Cube Microsystems of Milpitas, Calif.

Six years later we're redefining the standard with the new FG series. The future has never looked brighter.

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A monitor so bright, sharp and clear, it will improve your vision. And features that make it the best monitor as you standardize on windowing environments. Higher refresh rates enable stable, flicker-free images. And an optional lens improves viewing in difficult lighting conditions. Well, we could go on and on. And if history is any indication, we will. Other cus- tomers of the Burlingame. The shakeout follows three years of spectacular growth that saw those companies cap- ture almost 16 percent of the market at its peak, according to InfoCorp, a Santa Clara, Calif.

The debacle is making users more hesitant to buy these so- called no-name clones. Users who still do take the risk are being forced to develop in- house staffs to service and repair the computers or make sure dealers or others will do the job for them, according to an InfoWorld reader survey. The big guns — IBM. The small clone companies are bearing the brunt.

InfoCorp estimates that the smaller companies will sell 1 million fewer PCs next year, compared to the 2. Market share for this group will dwin- dle to 11 percent at the end of this year and plunge even low- er next year. A lot of them are going to go under. A recent check of a list of low-cost clone makers revealed about half of them are now no longer operat- ing — at least at the same loca- tion. Buyers of computers from larger companies are not immune.

Third-tier companies, such as Everex, Zeos, and Northgate, which make up an additional 20 to 30 percent of the market, are having financial difficulties that leave their fate uncertain, according to some analysts. In some cases larger companies — such as KLH Electronics, in Houston — have simply decided to elimi- nate their PC divisions alto- gether.

Until recently the market was growing at a heady pace. For marketing, an advertisement in the back of a computer maga- zine suffices. Users are clearly more cau- tious. More than a third of res- pondents to an informal Info- World survey say they are now hesitant to buy a non-brand- name clone after bad experi- ences with disappearing com- panies and bad service and support. About 10 percent of those who responded have been left with at least one or- phan PC. Now we don't buy from anyone who is not a nationally known man- ufacturer.

A few others, especially in larger corporations, have aban- doned the low end altogether, tempted by suddenly less-ex- pensive machines from IBM, Compaq, and Dell Computer Corp. However, many users are still willing to take calculated risks with no-name clones if the price is right. Walters buys a few test com- puters in order to get a handle on the company and the prod- uct. Many users say a good in- house staff solves many of the problems associated with or- phan PCs. Some users insisted on third- party maintenance providers to ensure their clones kept run- ning no matter what happened to the original vendor.

Analysts and users say that sales of no-name clones will continue, however, at a slower pace as companies look for ways to cut corners, especially in a recession. Here are some precautions and options you might want to consider: They can give you a history of the complaints against the company.

Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW
Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW
Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW
Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW
Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW
Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW Pathwork Lecture #107: THE CALL -- DAILY REVIEW

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