The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation

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What does the Bible have to say? I mean, it was his idea to bundle all those very sensitive nerves in the human body, both male and female, and God was thinking about pleasure, enjoyment, fun and I hope most viewers would agree with me on that. Okay, great, great. What do you say to that?

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You have a wrong idea of God if those are the kind of things you think. I mean, come on. God loves us and sex is just one of many ways that God has expressed his love for us. He wants us thinking about him and how good he is, alright? Through all these different ways, one of which is sex. You can probably figure them out. We talked about that. But he never said no masturbation, alright?

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Nobody can deny this. Paul writing to the Corinthians answering questions that they had about sex, okay? He openly talks about it. Is it good for a man not to touch a woman?

And immorality always starts in the mind and then it leads to a progression of sexual activity and it can ultimately wind up in adultery or fornication. Just like Jesus taught. Not happening in modern times and modern nations.

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This just exacerbates the problem. Like the desire to eat and taste foods. You know? Or the desire to relieve oneself and go to the bathroom? In a sense this is in that same category, okay? Paul just said the solution is marriage. What is the solution to strong sexual desire? But on our last lesson we started reading through 1 Corinthians, the first few verses of chapter 7, where Paul addresses the subject of sex. We read that last time. Again, he never mentions masturbation in any list as being an immorality.

But because of immoralities, and Paul does list them in 1 Corinthians. Listen to these words, what Paul writes, because even within marriage he sees that there are potential dangers there because of God given sexual desire. This is a commandment. Oh my goodness. Can you imagine anyone saying this? If they want it, they got it.

Can you believe anyone saying this?

How Porn Is Affecting Single Men

Well, it can only be masturbation. Can you see how this chapter, these words so affirm the reality of sexual desire and that the remedy, the release, the solution to sexual frustration is marriage? God bless these preachers. We still have questions and answers to give. And the mysteries that are involved just are mind blowing when you think about it. But men are clearly visually sexually aroused. And just think about that for just a little while, what an incredible mystery that is.

What would be so attractive about the female form? Think of all the beautiful things there are to see that God has made, all the variations of form and color and size and shape and so forth. Who can explain, who can understand why men would get so excited about the female form?

It starts a whole new set of problems as you have to adjust to life with somebody else. And I asked at the outset of this Little Lesson, do you have a hyper sex drive and if so, what do you do about it?

God bless them. You have a normal sex drive. And just think about it, men and women, think about the crazy things that sex drives people to do. He looks like any older man who divorces his wife to marry a babe, lacking certain character traits that would be desirable.

Mark Twain on Masturbation – Brain Pickings

Because of sexual desire. Lose their families, lose all respect within their field, lose their vocation because they can no longer serve in ministry because of their sexual antics. They pay that kind of price for sex. Or most people. All right, so the solution is stop depriving one another. I love that ninth verse, oh my goodness. The truth will set you free. How do you deal with sexual desire?

And in marriage, what to do is to regularly have sex. Paul makes that very clear. Stop depriving one or the other. Except if by an agreement for a limited period of time so that you can devote yourself more fully to prayer. But then come back together again, have sex soon after that prayer is over.


Lest Satan tempt you because of your lack of self control. No, because the scripture condemns adultery and fornication and so forth. And Jesus condemned lust. But what Paul says here is the solution to that sexual desire unfulfilled is marriage.

Christian Masturbation Myths - The Truth That's Been Hidden

So Paul had already said stop depriving one another. And then he says in verse six, but this I say by way of concession and not of command. Yet I wish that all men were even as I myself am. However, each man has his own gift from God. One in this manner and another in that. So Paul had a gift, a gift of, we would call it, celibacy. Although he may have been married previously. And some people say in order to be a member you had to be married and so forth. Or at some point in time. So he says I wish everyone was like me, but everyone has their own gift from God.

And one in this manner of man. So in order to remain celibate, sexual desire is such a strong and normal thing that in order to remain celibate, that is to not desire marriage and sex within marriage, you have to have a gift from God. And even in marriage it needs to be guarded. There needs to be regular sexual relationship in marriage. And you can only go sexless limited amounts of time because you agree on that. There is no scriptural justification for it. First, take masturbation seriously. Seriously enough to not approve of it, and not to argue in favor of it. Seriously enough to acknowledge it as a problem, and to confess it as a sin.

Does that put you under condemnation? Conviction and condemnation are two different things. Conviction is the Holy Spirit summoning you to something better; drawing you to Jesus Christ. Condemnation, being the instrument of the devil, will always drive you away from God and make you doubt His acceptance and love for you.

The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation
The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation
The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation
The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation
The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation
The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation The Christian Condemnation of Virgin Masturbation

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