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As described in a film magazine , [4] Edward Andrews Washburn worships the romance-loving Frances Raymond Hawley , the daughter of wealthy parents, but she always turns down his proposals.

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Finally, she hints that she may be won over using caveman tactics. Edward hires a reporter, Michael Rudder Ferguson , to kidnap Frances and take her to his country home, where he has installed his grandmother Chapman to act as a chaperon. Frances is won over by the ardent lovemaking of the reporter and when she suggests that they get married at once, the poor reporter runs away. Frances is now inconsolable, and Edward very obligingly goes in search of the wooer.

When they return, the reporter reveals that he is wealthy and has a title and estate in England, but Frances decides in favor of the conventional Edward. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Famous Players-Lasky Corporation. The New York Times.

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The Gypsy Trail The Gypsy Trail
The Gypsy Trail The Gypsy Trail
The Gypsy Trail The Gypsy Trail
The Gypsy Trail The Gypsy Trail
The Gypsy Trail The Gypsy Trail
The Gypsy Trail The Gypsy Trail
The Gypsy Trail The Gypsy Trail
The Gypsy Trail The Gypsy Trail

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