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The spirit of the Axeman, a serial killer from the s, still haunts this hotel. The Haunted Hotel At Ursulines was built in and is said to be the site of nearly a dozen murders and the home of one of the most notorious serial killers in New Orleans. To this day, his identity remains unknown but residents knew him as the Axeman. Like most serial killers -- including the covertly shy Jeffrey Dahmer or the handsomely charming Ted Bundy -- the Axeman lived a very unassuming life as a handyman for the property.

He stayed at the hotel through his reign of horror as he left a bloody trail throughout the city.

Enter if you dare.

He was never apprehended by the authorities. Guests have reported ghostly sightings and paranormal events such as someone resting on the bed or finding pillows ruffled. Additionally, some guests witnessed lights turning on and off at all hours of the night. The Ghost City Inn in Jerome, Arizona, a town known for its hauntings, lives up to its reputation with a spirit or two lurking behind its historic facade. As the legend goes, the inn originally served as a boarding house for miners. Later, it served a number of purposes -- including a private residence for a wealthy family, a restaurant, a spiritual retreat, a funeral home, and an art gallery.

Jerome, Arizona, was known throughout the early s as the epicenter for various unsavory and risque activities in the American Southwest. Home to many upscale and lower-scale brothels and bordellos, Jerome was open range for those engaging in prostitution. Some women lost their lives, including the beautiful Sammie Dean, who was strangled by one of her customers. Her murder is a true mystery and remains unsolved to this day. Allegedly, the historic building is said to be home to a female spirit who is most often seen in the Cleopatra Hill room.

Another male spirit has been spied in the hall outside the Verde View Room. Other unusual things occur at the inn, including doors slamming shut by themselves and spectral voices heard when no one is in the building. The Ghost City Inn welcomes the brave all year long.

See if the rumors about this ominous inn and town are true as you make the most of your trip to the American Southwest.

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Last but certainly not least, The Myrtles Plantation. It has been featured in several television shows, books, and even movies. The plantation is said to be haunted by many ghosts, but its most famous resident is Chloe -- a former slave who was also the mistress of plantation owner Clark Woodruff. Young and eager, she desired to know if she was pleasing to her lover. So, she stealthily snuck up to the doors of his study to listen to his conversations. One day, Chloe was caught by Clark. As punishment for her transgression, he cut off her ears. Chloe vowed revenge on him and poisoned a cake she was asked to bake for him.

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Instead, his family got to the cake first. They all died, but Clark survived. Fearing persecution, Chloe hung herself on the property.

To this day, guests have reported witnessing the grand piano inside the home playing by itself, repeating the same haunting chord. One guest captured a picture of the infamous Chloe, shifting this historical account from legend to something more.

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  • As a bed and breakfast, The Myrtles Plantation continues to draw a lot of visitors and tourists, and is regarded for having impeccable services. The Myrtles plantation has been investigated by paranormal researchers from all over the world, including The Atlantic Paranormal Society team featured in Ghost Hunters. If a down South vacation is in your near future, be sure to include a night -- or at least part of one -- at the scariest place in the U.

    30 Of The Most Haunted Hotels In The World To Book for Halloween

    Facebook travelawaitsnow TravelAwaitsNow Email. Bree Liddell. The Lemp Mansion on Facebook. Louis, Missouri The first stop on our spooky U. Enjoying this Article? Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast on Facebook. The question is, are you brave enough to sleep in the home of an alleged axe-murderer? The Queen Mary on Facebook. The Old Talbott Tavern on Facebook. National Hotel and Restaurant on Facebook. Google Maps.

    Ghost City Inn on Facebook. Ghost City Inn Jerome, Arizona The Ghost City Inn in Jerome, Arizona, a town known for its hauntings, lives up to its reputation with a spirit or two lurking behind its historic facade. The Myrtles Plantation on Facebook. The Myrtles Plantation St. Cookie Settings. Skip to navigation.

    In this J. Stuart Blackton's silent short, an old hotel is animated into life. The traveler's possessions are mysteriously dragged around the room, and in one stop-motion animation sequence, the breakfast serves itself, and a miniature figure comes out of the pitcher, taunting the traveler, hardly believing his own eyes. Trying to catch the tiny man, he instead finds a flying napkin that dances around the room like an animate ghost.

    This short utilizes techniques of trick photography to cut and splice together footage, and in one scene, overlays are used as well to convey the presence of ghosts. Using canted photography and exaggerated stage acting, the room seems to tilt from side to side, ending with the use of miniatures to depict the man being taken by a monstrous giant.

    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel
    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel
    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel
    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel
    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel
    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel
    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel
    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel
    The Haunted Hotel The Haunted Hotel

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