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Silicone Nitride. Constant Heat. High Temp Recirculating. Self-contained, easy-to-clean system includes sliding access shield and fluorescent illuminator; accommodates customizable processing modules rinsing tanks, etching baths, ultrasonic cleaners, etc. For solvent cleaning and nitrogen drying operations using corrosive or flammable liquids; includes exhaust system for safe fume venting; explosion-proof illuminator safely operates in presence of flammable vapors; overhead sprinklers engage in case of fire.

Modular, economical turnkey solution for safe, convenient operation of baths, rinsers, and other process modules; bi-directional exhaust system safely removes hazardous fumes; fits beneath VLF hood sold separately for HEPA-filtered processing. Read more. PFA Teflon. Same durability as concrete or granite, however it will not chip or crack as easily; Non-porous, therefore, resisits staining and will not harbor bacteria. Low in weight, and thermal conductivity; High chemical corrosion resistance; Heat resistance; Mechanical strength and toughness.

A translucent polymer, also a marginally flexible polymer with low friction and exceptional non-stick properties. Making it the preferred material wherever frequent cleaning and sterilization are required. On a tight schedule?

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If you'd like to speak with someone before that, please send us an email or give us a call. Please enter your password to protect the privacy and security of your information. Polypropylene Wet Cleaning Station Standard models include a reinforced cabinet of the specified size and material, a sliding access shield, and a fluorescent illuminator; modular desk allows positioning of tanks and sinks to suit your process.

N2 and DI Water Spray Guns Handy spray guns provide a ready sources of nitrogen or deionized water installed in locations to suit your process requirements shown: DI water spray gun installed on cleaning station. Modular Deck Configurations Modular designs allow tanks and bath locations to suit your process. Shown: wafer processing bench with programmable quartz baths and rinsers controls mounted above or below desk to suit protocol. Chemical Delivery and Treatment Systems Many chemical delivery and treatment systems available. The Chemical Delivery System shown automates chemical collection, storage and delivery in wafer etching, silicon chip plating, cleaning, and circuit board or solar system component processing.

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    Occupational dermatoses. Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. Boeniger M. The significance of skin exposure. Ann Occup Hyg. Rajan B. Controlling skin exposure to chemicals and wet-work. Cahill J. Occupational contact dermatitis: a review of 18 years of data from an occupational dermatology clinic. Uter W. Hand dermatitis in a prospectively-followed cohort of hairdressing apprentices: Final results of the POSH study. Characteristics of wet work in nurses. Chew A. Occupational issues of irritant contact dermatitis. Warner R. Hydration disrupts human stratum corneum ultrastructure.

    Tsai T. How irritant is water? Lynde C. Moisturizers for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions.

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    Schafer P. Physiological changes in skin barrier function in relation to occlusion level, exposure time and climatic conditions. Skin Pharmacol Appl Skin Physiol. Cutting K. Maceration of the skin and wound bed. Stender I. Effects of oil and water baths on the hydration state of the epidermis. Clin Exp Dermatol. Nilsson E.

    Atopy, occupation and domestic work as risk factors for hand eczema in hospital workers. Gribier B. Hand for the dermatologist.

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    Ann Dermatol Venereol. Bradshaw L. Self-reported work-related symptoms in hairdressers. Occup Med.

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    Elsner P. Skin protection in the prevention of skin diseases. Curr Probl Dermatol. Larson E.

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    Prevalence and correlates of skin damage on the hands of nurses. Heart Lung. Lakshmi C. Hand eczema: an update. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. Ling T. What do trainee hairdressers know about hand dermatitis? Flyvholm M. Self-reported hand eczema in a hospital population. Visser M.

    Wet for Work Wet for Work
    Wet for Work Wet for Work
    Wet for Work Wet for Work
    Wet for Work Wet for Work
    Wet for Work Wet for Work
    Wet for Work Wet for Work
    Wet for Work Wet for Work
    Wet for Work Wet for Work

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